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How do I reserve a Snowfire Doodles puppy?

  • Before you apply please review our Sales Agreement and Health Guarantee (link here).

  • Watch for "Litter Opening" announcements to be made on our website and via instagram notifications. 

  • After reviewing your application we will send you an email with information on how you can place a non refundable $500 deposit to secure your pup. 

  • Deposit will go towards the final cost of puppy. 

  • When pups are 6 weeks old we will post individual pictures, information about their personality and temperament and their projected full grown size.

  • We accept deposits via click VENMO or click PAYPAL

  • Puppy selection is based on the order deposit was received. 

  • Remaining balance is due at the time of puppy selection.

  • Before picking up your puppy sign Sales Agreement & Health Guarantee.

How does the puppy selection take place?

  • We will send weekly photos of the puppies as they grow. When they are between 5-6 weeks old, we will email and/or text you photos and videos that describe their personality, temperament, and projected size full grown. 

  • The person on the top of the list will make their selection and the person next in line will proceed. 

  • We understand that this is a tough choice to pick a puppy, so we do our absolute best to give you as much information as we can so you can make your choice.

  • We ask that you make your decision in a timely manner, so that others can move on with their choice. 

What are my options for puppy pick up?

  • Flight Nanny Service to deliver your puppy to an airport near you. Prices vary based on location and timing, and can range from $700-$1500

  • Fly home with your puppy, we will meet you at the SLC airport with your puppy.

  • Pickup at our home near Salt Lake City.

When is the final payment due?

  • If picking up the puppy in person final payment in cash can be made. 

  • Final payment and shipping costs are due once you have selected your puppy.

  • Payments can be made via cash, venmo or paypal.

Do you offer a health guarantee?

  • Yes, we provide a one year health guarantee against any life threatening congenital disease or defects.

Sales Agreement & Health Guarantee

Do the puppies come with spay/neuter contracts?

  • Yes we have a strict non breeding policy. All pups sold through us will be sold as "pets only".

  • Please don't ask for breeding rights, registration papers as the answer most certainly will be no.  

  • By placing a deposit new owners agree to our terms and conditions for the spay/neuter agreement.

  • Again puppies are not sold for breeding purposes. 


What if I can't pick up my puppy during the pick up time?

  • Puppies are ready to go home by 8 weeks. 

  • We do our best to work with different schedules and try to be accommodating to individual needs.  

  • If you cannot pick up your puppy after the week of puppy pick up, we ask that you reserve a puppy from a different litter that best fits your schedule. We do not hold puppies after 8 weeks. 

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