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Located near Salt Lake City, Utah

About Us


Welcome to Snowfire Doodles!

We're glad you stopped by.

Snowfire Doodles is a small professional dog breeder located near Salt Lake City, Utah. We specialize in producing goldendoodles that are under fifteen lbs. full grown. 


How are we different?

We're small! You might wonder why a small breeder is better. But by having fewer litters, and less dogs overall, I can be hands on with every breeding, every litter, and every puppy. I get to know our puppies personalities better, and as a result, I can make sure each family is getting just the right puppy for them.  I also have an incredibly high standard for our parent dogs. We breed only the best dogs.

Genetics and Health Testing?

Absolutely! I'm a self proclaimed nerd when it comes to canine genetics. I absolutely love researching color profiles, and of course we genetically health test every single one of our parents. We breed only the best of the best.

What else should I know about Snowfire?

We have over fifteen years of experience in showing and breeding. All of our puppies are from health tested parents, and raised in our home as part of our family. When you purchase a puppy from us you can rest assured that we are a breeder who not only loves the puppies and raises them the best way possible, but who also has integrity, honesty, and pride in our program. 


We are the Gourdie Family

The team behind Snowfire Doodles is us, the Gourdie Family! My name is Sarah. I have a Masters of Education Degree, but after spending a few years teaching, I decided my true passion was being at home with my children and my dogs. I'm very passionate about researching genetics and learning more every day how to improve my program. I absolutely love learning anything related to canine genetics and research. My husband Brian is my right hand man when it comes to keeping things organized for dogs and puppies. Our three boys are Lewis, Jacob and Cj. They are absolutely the best helpers with the puppies, and we are so happy that our family can work together to raise the best little doodles.

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