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Guardian Homes


Snowfire Doodles only wants the best life for our adult breeding dogs. We think every dog should have the individual attention and care from a family environment. To ensure that every dog is given the attention and care that only a family can offer, we offer a Guardian/co-ownership Program where qualified families can love and care for one of our dogs, while we retain breeding rights for 4 litters. When those 4 litters are complete, full ownership is signed over, and the guardian dog is spayed and lives happily ever after with it's family. 


Guardian families are expected to care for their new puppy or dog physically and financially. We will cover all costs associated to breeding and care for all litters produced by Guardian Family dogs at our home. Guardian dogs are your forever family pet, but will come to us every so often to sire or whelp their litters.

Guardian families must:

  • Have a secure, fully fenced yard.

  • Have previous experience with owning a dog or have adequate knowledge of caring for a dog

  • Not have any other intact male dogs in the home

  • Be able to provide a puppy or dog with proper health care, nutrition, and exercise

  • Be able to properly train and socialize a puppy or dog

  • Be able to drive the dog to and from our home for whelping or breeding

  • Live within 60 miles of South Jordan, Utah. 

  • Take their puppy/dog to the vet for its annual vaccines and whenever else needed (aside from breeding related visits).

If you own a female Guardian dog:
We will pick up the female a few times to take to breeding related appointments when she's in heat. She will go back home with you while she is pregnant. She will then come back to us a few days before her due date, and stay with us for about 6 weeks while she whelps and raises her litter. Once old enough, female dogs will spend 6 to 12 weeks a year in our care. Guardian families are always welcome to visit during this time! Guardians must be able to detect a heat cycle and keep females away from intact male dogs during this time. 


Please email us at if you are interested in becoming a guardian home. 

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